How to use KineMaster Online| Is it possible?

Kinemaster online

Can you edit videos online using Kinemaster?

With today’s smartphones being launched with super-efficient and powerful cameras that can capture brilliant photos and shoot lengthy videos, the craze for photo and video editing applications among smartphone users is also on the rise.

One such smartphone app available for both the users of iOS and Android-based devices is KineMaster.

KineMaster application is often regarded as one of the most powerful, easy to use, and very comprehensively packed video editing tools for smartphone users.

Due to these reasons, it has gained massive popularity among the audience.

Can you use KineMaster online or not?

Many KineMaster users search for the online version of it but unfortunately, there isn’t any.

As of now, KineMaster is only available for users of smartphones running on iOS and Android OS.

And although it will be an added advantage to have highly useful softwares like KineMaster being offered on different platforms including an online web version, for now its fans have to rely on its smartphone version only.

Why do users search for KineMaster online?

Well, the answer to why does KineMaster users want an online version of it, can be attributed to two major reasons.

First, in an age where many software developers offer the option to sync the data and content between various devices of an individual user, people often tend to look out for applications which they can use, take a break and then resume using at any time irrespective and independent of the platform that they are or were using.

Secondly, KineMaster is a super powerful and very professional video editor. The options that it comes packed with make it stand out from the rest of the video editing softwares.

Of course, a smartphone app capable of performing such high quality professional level tasks on a smartphone would undoubtedly perform wonders on a bigger and better platform.

Therefore, users would want to unleash their full potential and this is only possible if it were available on the personal computer or on the online web.

Why should you use KineMaster on your smartphone?

Well, the first and the most obvious answer to this question on why you should use KineMaster on the smartphone is because it is available on this platform only.

Second, if you love making videos, adding a bit of creativity and your own unique touch to it, and then sharing it with other people on the internet, then using KineMaster on your smartphone for this purpose is not just right but also the best option.

Kinemaster how to use

This is because today’s smartphones are equipped with all the necessary tools in terms of hardware and software that any passionate or professional nature video content creator would need.

Thus, from having the idea to make a video, to shooting raw clips and then merging and editing it professionally without the need of any other equipment is all possible if you also have the KineMaster app in your smartphone.

However, the only additional thing you would need to invest in would be to subscribe for the paid or pro version of the KineMaster app so that you unlock further features and discover the real potential of this app.

How to use the KineMaster smartphone app on a personal computer?

Even though the KineMaster app isn’t officially available for personal computer users or any platform other than the smartphone, you can still use it on your personal computer.

To use it on your personal computer, all you need to have is an emulation software or emulator that can enable your personal computer to work as a smartphone and run the .apk file of KineMaster on it.

How to Run Kinemaster on PC

For your ease, we have briefly mentioned the steps to run the KineMaster app on your PC.

Do not get confused as this isn’t anything new that you will have to do. It is exactly the same procedure similar to using the Google PlayStore for the first time.

Kinemaster pc
  • Search for a reliable Android emulator for Windows running PC.
  • Next, download and install it.
  • After installing, run it to open the Google PlayStore on it.
  • To access the Google PlayStore, you will need to Sign-in with your google id.
  • Search for the KineMaster app and install it.
  • Once installed, open the KineMaster app and use it the way you use it on your smartphone.

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To delete the watermark, you can purchase a premium subscription by going to the emulator, then running Kinemaster, and clicking the crown button. It is absolutely worthwhile to upgrade to the premium edition. I hope you find it useful, and if you run into any problems installing it, please leave a comment below.

How to run PicsArt on Windows and Mac (Online)

Picsart online

Photo editing is a creative process in which you must polish the image in order to attract the viewer. To be a good editor, you should have access to powerful resources such as PicsArt. It’s one of the reliable image editors that allows you to perfect your clicks.

PicsArt has been released for smartphones, but not everyone wants to use it on their phone; instead, they tend to install it on their Windows or macOS desktop. If you are one of them, this article will lead you through the process of downloading PicsArt for PC.

How to use PicsArt on Windows 10?

If you’re using Windows 10, you’re probably aware that there is a Microsoft store that is trusted and free, using it you can download an unlimited amount of apps. So it can be a direct source to download PicsArt for Windows 10, but keep in mind that it only works with the most recent version of Windows 10. If you are using Windows 7 or older, you can read the following paragraph.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store from the taskbar

Step 2: Log in with your Microsoft account

Step 3: Search PisArt Photo editor

Step 4: Click “Get” button then “Install”

Step 5: It will start downloading, wait few moments to complete it

Step 6: Click the “Open” button to use PicsArt

This is the simplest way to use PicsArt on your desktop; it does not require an Android emulator or any other third-party program. There is no difference between the Windows version and the mobile version, including the functions, layers, and effects that you get in Android or iOS, as well as the interface.

PicsArt Installation on Windows 7 (No Store)

Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not support any kind of Store, so you will be unable to install software from the Microsoft Store. To use Android applications on Windows 7, you need to install an Android emulator that is both efficient and stable.

BlueStacks or Nox App Player

  • You need to download an Android Emulator.
  • Open installer to unpack files
  • Select location to install
  • Accept terms and condition
  • It takes few minutes to extract the file
  • Open the emulator and run PlayStore
  • Enter Gmail account and password to log in
  • Search PicsArt in the searching area
  • Click to Install.

Additional Information

CategoryPhotography, Video editor
SizeVaries with device
Released byPicsArt
PriceFree and premium
Operating SystemAndroid, iOS, and Windows

Using the Android emulator you can run limitless apps on Windows or macOS. If you are an Apple macOS user then you can also use it to run PicsArt on Catalina, Big Sur, or Mojave. There are few steps that will be different.

How to use PicsArt online?

There are lots of users who are searching for PicsArt online but they don’t know how to use it and how they can access it before proceeding it you need to know that is PicsArt online available or not?

Fortunately, it is released on an online server. Yes, I said absolutely right you can use PicsArt online on your mobile phone or desktop without downloading any application. Now you don’t need to download and install any app, open any browser and start editing, here is how you can do it in the right way.

PicsArt Online

  • Open any browser from phone or desktop.
  • Search ““.
  • Click Start editing.
  • If you want to use more features then you have to create an account.
  • Import your images and use them to polish.

PicsArt is a leading photo editor in the smartphone industry, with special and powerful features that no other photo editor offers, and you can also download and install it on your PC. We hope you find it useful, and if you have any problems with PicsArt, please leave a comment and we will fix your query.