How to use KineMaster Online| Is it possible?

Kinemaster online

Can you edit videos online using Kinemaster?

With today’s smartphones being launched with super-efficient and powerful cameras that can capture brilliant photos and shoot lengthy videos, the craze for photo and video editing applications among smartphone users is also on the rise.

One such smartphone app available for both the users of iOS and Android-based devices is KineMaster.

KineMaster application is often regarded as one of the most powerful, easy to use, and very comprehensively packed video editing tools for smartphone users.

Due to these reasons, it has gained massive popularity among the audience.

Can you use KineMaster online or not?

Many KineMaster users search for the online version of it but unfortunately, there isn’t any.

As of now, KineMaster is only available for users of smartphones running on iOS and Android OS.

And although it will be an added advantage to have highly useful softwares like KineMaster being offered on different platforms including an online web version, for now its fans have to rely on its smartphone version only.

Why do users search for KineMaster online?

Well, the answer to why does KineMaster users want an online version of it, can be attributed to two major reasons.

First, in an age where many software developers offer the option to sync the data and content between various devices of an individual user, people often tend to look out for applications which they can use, take a break and then resume using at any time irrespective and independent of the platform that they are or were using.

Secondly, KineMaster is a super powerful and very professional video editor. The options that it comes packed with make it stand out from the rest of the video editing softwares.

Of course, a smartphone app capable of performing such high quality professional level tasks on a smartphone would undoubtedly perform wonders on a bigger and better platform.

Therefore, users would want to unleash their full potential and this is only possible if it were available on the personal computer or on the online web.

Why should you use KineMaster on your smartphone?

Well, the first and the most obvious answer to this question on why you should use KineMaster on the smartphone is because it is available on this platform only.

Second, if you love making videos, adding a bit of creativity and your own unique touch to it, and then sharing it with other people on the internet, then using KineMaster on your smartphone for this purpose is not just right but also the best option.

Kinemaster how to use

This is because today’s smartphones are equipped with all the necessary tools in terms of hardware and software that any passionate or professional nature video content creator would need.

Thus, from having the idea to make a video, to shooting raw clips and then merging and editing it professionally without the need of any other equipment is all possible if you also have the KineMaster app in your smartphone.

However, the only additional thing you would need to invest in would be to subscribe for the paid or pro version of the KineMaster app so that you unlock further features and discover the real potential of this app.

How to use the KineMaster smartphone app on a personal computer?

Even though the KineMaster app isn’t officially available for personal computer users or any platform other than the smartphone, you can still use it on your personal computer.

To use it on your personal computer, all you need to have is an emulation software or emulator that can enable your personal computer to work as a smartphone and run the .apk file of KineMaster on it.

How to Run Kinemaster on PC

For your ease, we have briefly mentioned the steps to run the KineMaster app on your PC.

Do not get confused as this isn’t anything new that you will have to do. It is exactly the same procedure similar to using the Google PlayStore for the first time.

Kinemaster pc
  • Search for a reliable Android emulator for Windows running PC.
  • Next, download and install it.
  • After installing, run it to open the Google PlayStore on it.
  • To access the Google PlayStore, you will need to Sign-in with your google id.
  • Search for the KineMaster app and install it.
  • Once installed, open the KineMaster app and use it the way you use it on your smartphone.

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To delete the watermark, you can purchase a premium subscription by going to the emulator, then running Kinemaster, and clicking the crown button. It is absolutely worthwhile to upgrade to the premium edition. I hope you find it useful, and if you run into any problems installing it, please leave a comment below.

5 Best KineMaster Alternative for Mac

Kinemaster alternative for mac

When it comes to making professional-quality video content, the search for video editing software that is not just powerful but also packed with the most comprehensive features can be a tough task.

However, in most cases, many video makers, artists, and creative-minded people try to rely on video making and editing software such as KineMaster.

Now KineMaster is no doubt an excellent choice for many people and can help you a long way in your video-making endeavors.

But nevertheless, there are video editing softwares which you should know about so that incase if you feel that you have reached the full potential of using KineMaster, you clearly know what next best alternatives to embark on and continue with your passion.

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Kinemaster Alternative for macOS Platform

In this article, we look at some of the best alternatives of KineMaster video creating and editing software for Mac users.

So let’s begin.

No.Video EditorPrice
1.PowerDirectorFree & Paid
2.Adobe Premiere ProPaid
3.Movavi Video Editor PlusFree & Paid
4.Wondershare FilmoraTrial & Paid

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a powerful and quite popularly used video editing software from CyberLink.


The software holds a bunch of professional quality video rendering options.

Although the software is free to download, some high level features require premium access.


  • Ability to design masks
  • Control keyframes while applying effects
  • Add graphic titles with animations
  • Add sketching overlays at any point in the video
  • Track motion of every object you add in the video
  • Edit green screens

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are a professional video editor and have a huge clientele, then the best video editing software to suit your needs is Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a leading video making and editing software and is the first and the most preferred choice in your industry.

The software is not free to use and is only available as a paid version.


  • Render 3D Models
  • Manage any video and image with the latest and most advanced and enhanced options
  • Create animations
  • Capture videos in a way like never before

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus

If you are not looking for something really and totally professional but which still has a bit of professional flair to it, then you can rely on the capabilities that Movavi video editor pro has to offer to you.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Use Movavi video editor pro to bring life to your raw videos and feel free to experiment and play with your ideas in a totally different manner.

Movavi Video Editor Pro isn’t a free to use software and comes with a one time payment option.


  • Make use of the templates and media library
  • Adjust video speeds according to the sequence
  • Add slow motion and time effects to your videos
  • Split and merge different videos together
  • Add titles, special effects, text overlays and much more

4. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is simple, yet powerful and professional enough to empower your thoughts, ideas and imaginations and help you come up with remarkable video creations.

Wondershare Filmora

The overall software is packed with quick, user-friendly, and fun-filled video editing options and tools to create exceptional quality video content.

The Wondershare Filmora is free to download for trial use but its full version needs to be bought.


  • Use advanced editing and video-making options to turn complex clips into professional videos in no time.
  • Equip yourself with one of the easiest ways to keyframing.
  • Explore possibilities beyond your imagination and rethink the power of your ideas.
  • Use green screen editing to create a masterpiece.
  • Use blend modes and add effects to bring life to each element in your video.

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing software developed and published by TechSmith.


The software is primarily focused for making and editing video tutorials and presentations with a screen recording plug-in that works with Microsoft PowerPoint application.

Camtasia is simple to use and can help anyone create professional quality video content or presentations, especially users who plan to pursue video blogging or screencasting to make tutorials for their viewers.

Camtasia is not a free software and offers a one time payment option.


  • Record and edit your video clips with a mic and add them to your videos.
  • Record your computer screen either entirely or a part of it that you want to be focused on while leaving the non-essential outside of the recording area.
  • Add web camera recorded videos to your other recordings and clips.
  • Easy to edit and use even if you are a beginner and have no prior experience of making and editing videos.
  • Choose from a wide range of templates for your videos.

How to use Kinemaster on macOS Platform

If you really want to run Kinemaster video editor on your MacBook or iMac then follow below steps.

  • Download Android emulator from Google
  • Install the emulator on your Mac
  • Allow security from System preferences
  • Open emulator and login with Gmail ID
  • Seach Kinemaster in the searching bar of the emulator store.
  • Click Install button to download it.

By following these steps you can download and install any video editor on your macOS. If you don’t want to use an Android emulator to run it then you should try an alternative version like PowerDirector, Filmora. Hope guide will help you to select the best video editor.

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