KineMaster VS PowerDirector Detailed comparison

Kinemaster VS PowerDirector

Are you confused between Kinemaster and PowerDirector? All video editors are powerful and stable, making it challenging to pick between them. For your convenience, we have compared every single feature.

It is often said that among all the mediums of conveying any message, the medium that holds the most impact and force is the medium of video.

But not all videos are the same or bring in the desired level of results as initially intended by the maker.

A primary factor on which the success of any video content is very much dependent is the time during which it is being created and edited before publishing.

Kinemaster VS PowerDirector

Stock Library ✅ ✅ 
4K Supports✅ ✅ 
Chroma Key✅ ✅ 
Add voiceovers✅ ✅ 
Reverse videos✅ 
Video stabilizer✅ 
Voice changer✅ ✅ 
Blending-modes✅ ✅ 
Effects✅ ✅ 
Masks✅ ✅ 
Keyframe animation✅ ✅ 
Direct Share✅ ✅ 
Sound effects✅ ✅ 
Speed adjustment✅ ✅ 

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In this article, we discuss two such powerful and quite famously used video editing tools namely – KineMaster and PowerDirector.


KineMaster is a super powerful and professional quality video editing app, made by a South Korean multimedia software developing company.


KineMaster is most popularly used by smartphone users and for the most part, it is completely free to use. Still, a few premium features do require in-app purchases to unlock them.

Aside from this, it is also available for tablet and Chromebook users and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Features of KineMaster

The KineMaster video editing app is packed with a number of features that make it undoubtedly one of the best professionally equipped video editing software. These are – 

Blending Modes

Users can be awesomely creative with their videos by using the eight different blending options.


Use transitioning effects or turn the video time in the reverse mode easily.

Chroma Key

Composite two or more videos using the chroma key feature.

High Resolution

Edit and export 4K quality videos and unleash your full potential.

Video Layers

Supports playing back of up to 9 videos.

Pros and Cons of using KineMaster


  • Great app for editing and including text and effects in videos.
  • Super easy to use both for beginners and pros.
  • Literally no limit on the length of the video you make and edit.
  • Excellent in merging different videos and content together.
  • Both the interface for Android and iOS users is almost the same, making it easy to switch between smartphones if needed.


  • The free version leaves a watermark in the video. This is okay in the case of personal and non-commercial videos but for client-based work, its premium version might be required.
  • Due to the advanced features that KineMaster is packed with, its performance on various devices may vary and some features such as Chroma Key may not work at all.


PowerDirector is another super powerful, professionally inspired, and made to embark endless possibilities kind of video editing software.

PowerDirector interface

The software has been developed by CyberLink and is available for users of Windows OS, iOS and Android based smartphone users as well.

Although the PowerDirector software is free to download, it does offer subscription based packages with additional premium features.

Features of PowerDirector

PowerDirector video editing software offers the following professional level features that makes it stand out from the other video editing softwares.

Dynamic Keyframe Controls

Apply dynamic motion to effects with enhanced keyframe controls.

Design Masks

Make near-natural image composites to cut and mix images from several different videos and that too with utmost precision.

Add Customizable Graphic Titles

Add a bit of creativity with easy to customize text and titles in the beginning of every scene or clip.

Other Distinguishing Features

  • Create and overlay videos with animated sketches.
  • Add vector objects in-between video frames such as conversation bubbles in silent videos.
  • Keep a total track of every object in motion in every video you make.
  • Discover your full potential and creative sense with green screen editing.
  • Begin and end your videos with dynamically appearing and disappearing titles.

Pros and Cons of using PowerDirector


  • Quick and easy to use video editing software.
  • Packed with almost all the options required to render a professional quality video.
  • Supports several different file types.


  • The free version has adverts showing up which interferes with continuous and smooth workflow.
  • Some professional-level features are hard to learn and implement, thus occasionally making it hard for beginners.

Here we have compared Kinemaster and PowerDirector, whichever suits your needs you can download from Google PlayStore or iPhone Store to test editing features.

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How to Add Text Behind Moving Object (2021)

how to stick text o moving object

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to put text behind a moving object and create a text reveal effect. Before we get into the rest of the video, make sure to subscribe to our channel for more video editing tips and tricks. In this first technique, we’ll be doing a text behind the object effect with both white and color text. Since we’re going to be applying blending modes, it’s recommended that you choose a high contrast clip with a black or dark color foreground object. 

We are going to use PowerDirector video editor software to use this video effect if you haven’t installed it yet, download PowerDirector first then follow the below steps.

How to stick text on moving objects

To start off, let’s try white text. 

  • Import the clip onto the timeline. 
  • Open Title Room and add a default title.
  • Double click to open Title Designer and let’s edit the text and adjust the position.
  • After we’re done editing, click on the checkmark here to disable the track that has our video clip. 
How to stick text on moving objects
  • Then take a snapshot of the video by clicking on the camera icon. 
  • Save the snapshot and it’ll be autosaved to our Media Room. 
  • Next, delete the original text clip on our timeline, enable the first video track, and import the auto-saved title image onto track 2. 
  • Click Tools, Blending Mode, and select Overlay from the drop-down menu.

If you find that your video clip is too dark, you can also do some color adjustment to brighten up your clip. And you’re done! 

Now let’s try the text behind the object effect with color text. The first few steps are similar to using white text, but after we disable the video track, we want to move our title to track 3. 

How to stick text on moving objects
  • Then click on Media Room, Color Boards and add a white color board to track 2. 
  • After the white color board is added, take a snapshot. 
  • We can then remove the color board and the original text clip and import the snapshot we just took.
  •  Click on Tools, Blending Mode, and choose Multiply. 
  • Don’t forget to enable the first video track. 
  • There’s our text behind the object effect with color text. 

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The second editing technique

we’re going to be doing a text reveal effect. For this effect, there’s no restrictions on what kind of background to choose as long as you’ve got a moving object to reveal your text.

How to stick text on moving objects
  •  First, drag the clip onto the timeline. 
  • Open Title Room and add a default title. 
  • Double click to open Title Designer and we’re going to edit the text and adjust the position. 
  • Then import the same video clip onto track 3. 
  • We’re going to create a mask by going to Tools, selecting Mask Designer, and clicking on “Create a custom selection mask”. 
  • If your object is a simple shape, you can choose to use the default masks, but if your object is irregularly shaped say a person, you’ll need to use a custom mask. 
  • In the first frame, we’re going to mask our object and the text then add a keyframe. 
  • Then frame by frame, adjust the mask to cover the object as it moves across the screen. 

After you’re done, preview the clip to make sure everything is properly masked, then click OK. Let’s check out our text reveal effect again. Let us know what you think of these text effects in the comments below!

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