How to use Kinemaster Chroma Key? Green Screen Effect

Kinemaster chroma key effect

Are you looking for Kinemaster Chroma Key, what it is, and how it works? This is the most useful function of a video editor for editing green screen footage.

Do you love watching behind-the-scenes footage from the recordings of your favorite movies, TV shows, and even social media videos featuring famous influencers and celebrities?

If the answer is yes, then you might also be aware of seeing a green or blue color background as well.

But have you ever considered finding out why is it that these scenes have plain green or blue color backgrounds or screens when in actuality they portray unrealistically and sometimes totally horrifying incidents happening in the background.

Well, the simple and quick answer to your question is that to create these scenes, a technique and concept is used, commonly known as ‘Chroma Key’, and the green or blue color plain background is a part of it.

What is Chroma Key?

Chroma key’ or ‘Chroma keying’ or even ‘Chroma key compositing’ is a technique that involves recording or shooting scenes with a plain blue or green color screen in the background.

After recording the scenes, special software and techniques are used during the editing process to render a completely different scene.

In simple words, this specifically involves replacing, compositing the green or blue colored plain screen layer with another image or video.

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Chroma and Key or Keying

Basically, the word ‘Chroma’ is adapted from the chroma range of a color used in the process and ‘Key’ or ‘Keying’ means making the background transparent by removing the green background from behind of the main object in order to replace it with something else.

Application of Chroma Key and examples

This technique is pretty much common these days as it not only saves time but is also helpful in making scenes that would otherwise have been nearly impossible to shoot.

For instance, a man hanging from a tall building located on a busy road with heavy traffic or some fight scene or some person running from a huge creature, etc. are all common examples of using chroma keying compositing technique.

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The link between the Green screen and Chroma Key technique

Now if you have been reading carefully till this point, you might have noticed that we repeatedly mentioned using blue or green color plain screen for enabling the chroma key technique.

This means that it isn’t any color of choice that can be used for this purpose but only blue or green, as this is the more appropriate color that suits this technique most.

However, as a matter of fact blue color is also rarely used nowadays and green is the only preferred and widely used color that remains.

A clear and technical reason for this is because bright green is the color that least interferes with human skin, hence it is easy to remove from the background surrounding the main object.

How to use Chroma Key on KineMaster video editing software?

Due to its wide usage and applicability to cast various scenes, most of the latest video editing software for personal computers and smartphones also comes equipped with this functionality. If Kinemaster Chroma Key not showing then enable it from settings.

One such popular smartphone app is KineMaster.

Here we briefly discuss how you can use the KineMaster app chroma key option.

Kinemaster Chroma key
  • The first and the most important thing in order to use the KineMaster chroma key feature is to have a smartphone with a chipset that can support this function.
  • Now the next thing is to have a video clip with a green screen in the background.
  • Now in the app, go to your gallery and select any image or gallery to use in place of the green screen.
  • Now tap on the layer option appearing in the circular menu on the right and import the video with the green screen background.
  • Now open the chroma key interface to select the chroma key option. This option appears automatically once the app detects importing a video with a green screen background.
  • Next, enable the chroma key option to remove the green screen.
  • Now you can add text, effects and show your creativity to edit the video as you want.
  • Once done, tap on the Share button to export your video.

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Kinemaster Pro Free Download Latest Version

Kinemaster how to use

Using Kinemaster you can create a masterpiece, every filmmaker requires a good video editor which contains convenient features. A handy editing tool can help you to express creativity. It’s a mobile phone editor that supports Android, iOS devices.

In this article, we will learn everything about Kinemaster, how you can use it on your phone, useful features, and the rendering process. Most people have no experience in the video editing field, but they desire to learn it, so it’s best practice to start learning from your smartphone, You can download Kinemaster to create videos.

If you are a beginner and want to edit videos for your personal or commercial use then Kinemaster is a perfect choice. It can be handled by newbies, so don’t panic. Keep reading the article.

What are the main Features of Kinemaster

4K EditingYou can render videos in 4K resolution
Assent StoreIt enables you to download unlimited effects, fx
Chroma KeyAdd green screen effects
Multiple LayerCreate multiple layers to add more media
AdjustmentBrightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Gain, Temperature
BitrateHigh-quality video and low quality
Revers VideoUse it to create footages in the reverse direction
Key FramingYou can use it to frame your object
Voice OverIt lets you record audio while editing
Social MediaIt allows you to share directly exported video on social handles

How to download Kinemaster Offically

Kinemaster is only available for smartphones, and it can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore or the Apple Store. The methods for downloading Kinemaster for iPhone will be different.

Step 1: Open Google Playstore from phone

Step 2: Enter your Gmail ID to login, in case you don’t have an account then you can create a new account.

Step 3: Search Kinemaster or click the below button

Step 4: Click the green “Install” button to download

Step 5: The editor size is less than 100MB so, It will take a moment to download

Step 6: When it completes, you get “Open” button to run, click on that

Step 7: Now you can start editing.

This is the official way to download and install Kinemaster on an Android mobile phone. If you use other companies’ mobile phones like Microsoft Phone, Blackberry or Linux then, unfortunately, it will not work with these mobiles. The operating system doesn’t support Android or iOS apps.

How to use Kinemaster flawlessly

To start editing, you need to follow few steps for better results. Here we have covered few steps which will teach you how to edit videos using Kinemaster with confidence.

How to use Kinemaster flawlessly

Step 1: Open Kinemaster.

Step 2: You get three option Kinemaster Asset Store, Timeline and YouTube.

Step 3: Click on the second option which is Kinemaster’s editing area.

Step 4: Select the aspect ratio of the project for Mobile, PC, or Social Media.

Step 5: Now you can see the editing timeline with no media.

Step 6: You have to import media, select videos or images from folder.

Step 7: Your videos is ready to edit.

Step 8: Now you can start polishing your videos using Kinemaster’s powerful feature.

Select the aspect ratio of the project for Mobile

How to export video (4K Rendring)

Kinemaster supports 4K rendering, you can use it to export at 30 to 60FPS. If you have edited your videos and want to export them into your file manager then follow the below steps.

How to export video (4K Rendring)

Step 1: Click to Share option.

Step 2: Select Video resolution if you want in 4K then choose higher one.

Step 3: Select Frame rate.

Step 4: You can also select the quality of the video by bitrate low to high.

Step 5: Click on the “Export” button for rendering, it shows you export size if don’t have space in your device then clear it then export it.


This is the simplest method of exporting videos, projects into devices. It also allows you to share your videos directly on social media accounts. In case, you don’t have free storage in your phone then use this feature.


If you want to learn full video editing and become a professional video editor, you must practice on a daily basis, and you can learn everything from Kinemaster’s official YouTube channel, where you can watch videos to learn to edit and express your creativity.

They walk you through the process of using effects, soundtracks, and creating entertaining videos for your audience. It’s absolutely free, so you can begin learning whenever you want.

We know how Kinemaster is important for you and might want to use it on PC then follow below article.

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